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- Abuse: The Resident's Perspective DVD
- Abuse: The Resident's Perspective VIDEO
- Choice and Challenge: Caring for Aggressive Adults Across Levels of Care VIDEO
- Customer Service from A to Z: Making the Connection
- Freedom Of Sexual Expression: Dementia And Resident Rights In Long-Term Care Facilities VIDEO
- Living In Long-Term Care: The Resident's Perspective DVD
- Living In Long-Term Care: The Resident's Perspective VIDEO
- Preserving Dignity for People in your Care
- Preserving Residents' Dignity VIDEO
- Preventing Abuse and Neglect in Health Care
- Promoting Family Involvement in Long-Term Care Settings: A Guide to Programs that Work
- Residents' Rights Today: Respectful Care in Changing Times VIDEO
- Responding to the Spiritual and Psychosocial Needs of Those in Your Care
- Understanding Your Responsibilities: Confidential and Private


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