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- Abuse: The Resident's Perspective VIDEO
- Caring for Your Geriatric Resident: In-Services Based on HCFA's Resident Assessment Instrument MDS 2.0 Manual
- Falls in Older People: Prevention & Management
- From Nurse to Educator: Creating Effective Learning Experiences for Adults
- Malpractice Risk: Hydration and Nutrition VIDEO
- Malpractice Risk: Pressure Sores VIDEO
- Malpractice Risk: Safety VIDEO
- Malpractice: A Definition for Nursing Staff
- Recognizing Domestic Violence: A Guide for Caregivers
- Success Over Stress
- Supervisory Techniques For Charge Nurses In Long Term Care Facilities VIDEO
- The Best Friends Staff: Building a Culture of Care in Alzheimer's Programs
- The New Supervisor: Strategies for Supporting and Managing Frontline Staff


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