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101 - Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s

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Joanne Koenig Coste wrote Learning to Speak Alzheimer's to help people at home care for loved ones suffering from dementia. The book offers hundreds of practical tips and ideas.

Joanne Koenig Coste is a pioneer in Alzheimer's care, the creator of a medical philosophy that stresses "habilitation" over excessive drugs and restraint. While caring for her husband with Alzheimer's for three years, she realized that it was possible to avoid many of the emotional burdens patients and caregivers face. In Learning to Speak Alzheimer's Coste recommends that care providers try to join patients in their sense of place and time; to listen to the patient's emotional language; and to focus on the their remaining skills.

Five basic principles makes this book a unique guide to thriving emotionally and spiritually in the face of caregiving challenges. Learning to Speak Alzheimer's is inspiring and very educational, offering straight discussion about serious issues.




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