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107 - S.A.F.E Response TechniquesTM in Crisis Situations VIDEO

This realistic video teaches a 4-step process for safely and effectively handling the physically combative behavior sometimes encountered while caring for older adults in long-term care settings. Real-life staff and residents vividly enact common scenarios and specific maneuvers for releasing bites, grabs, and other potentially injurious actions taken by residents against staff members.

Learn effective communication strategies for preventing aggressive incidents from escalating, calming the parties involved, and restoring a working rapport after the incident. You will also learn to prevent future incidents by identifying specific triggers that produce anxiety or agitation in a resident and can lead to combative behavior. Discover that even in the midst of a crisis, it is possible to respond to residents with compassion and to ensure both their and your own physical safety.




  For more information email, seasons@seasons- or call 972-422-1513.

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