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109 - Memory Books and Other Graphic Cuing Systems

Learn how to help people with memory impairments function more independently and effectively by using graphic cuing systems. Based on years of research, these visual and written aids function as memory supports, improving communication and quality of life for adults with dementia and related memory impairments.

Memory aids, such as memory books, memory wallets, planners, memo boards, and reminder cards, help to reduce the confusion, anxiety, and frustration often experienced by people with dementia. Usually created with a combination of words and pictures, the aids serve as conversation prompts, answers to common questions, and reminders for daily living. These tools not only help enhance conversation with older adults, but they also
Increase engagement and social interaction
Communicate needs and preferences to caregivers
Reduce problem behaviors
Restore users’ fading self identity

This practical guidebook clearly illustrates the research behind memory aids and the benefits they provide users and communication partners. Readers will learn how to determine the optimal memory aid for an older adult, develop the tool, and successfully implement it.

The book includes simple instructions for creating a wide variety of graphic cuing systems, with innumerable examples of useful content and format. Additional tools include forms and templates to photocopy, a list of sources for materials, and instructions and patterns for creating portable, wearable memory aids.




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