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110 - Montessori-Based Activities for Persons with Dementia, Volume 1

Improve your care by improving the functioning of your clients or residents with Alzheimer's disease. Discover how the principles of Montessori education can help people with dementia maintain or improve skills needed in their daily lives. With these 41 step-by-step activities you can enhance the skills used to perform basic tasks, such as:
Preparing simple meals
Participating in recreational activities

The secret to the success of these activities is that they are open-ended so individuals gain a sense of accomplishment at any level of participation, intellectually stimulating and meaningful, adaptable -- with suggestions for increasing or lowering the level of difficulty as needed, and springboards to many new variations of activities. Without doubt, Montessori-Based Activities for Persons with Dementia was designed with the busy activity director in mind. From brightly colored tabs to spiral binding to clear outlines and attention-grabbing callouts within these outlines, this manual is ready to use right out of the package.

Too many activity programs today consist of "busy work" and lack of variety in activities. Make a change for the better and put the Montessori method to work for you today!




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