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12 - Preventing Falls in the Elderly

A detailed look at the increasing problem of falls in the elderly. Helps caregivers recognize the risk factors for falling and find ways to help reduce those risks. Choose from 14 learning objectives covering:
1. Current statistics and facts on falling
2. Risk factors for falling
3. Normal changes of aging that may lead to falls
4. Disease processes that may lead to falls
5. Change in mental status that may lead to falls
6. Environmental situations that may lead to falls
7. Consequences of falls
8. How to assess older persons for the risk of falling
9. How to assess and improve the home environment to reduce falls
10. How ROM exercises can help prevent falls
11. Assisting with nutritional status to help prevent falls
12. Changes that may lead to falls
13. Assisting the client during and after a fall
14. Reporting a fall

Pages: 80
Learning Activities/Games: 6
Reproducible Handouts: 10
Transparency Masters: 23




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