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15 - Providing Continuity of Care: Death, Dying, and Grief

This SourceBooks thoroughly explores different aspects of the death and dying experience. It includes information on Hospice, advance directives, and the grief process.
Choose from 13 learning objectives covering:
1. Cultural and spiritual considerations of death and dying
2. Life review needs of the elderly
3. Signs of dying and ways to care for the dying person
4. Guidelines for postmortem care
5. Goals of Hospice
6. Advance Directives
7. Losses that cause grief
8. Stages of grief
9. Factors that influence grief
10. Tasks of grieving
11. Complex grieving
12. Caregiver concerns when working with the dying
13. Supportive measures for the caregiver

Pages: 74
Learning Activities/Games: 4
Reproducible Handouts: 14
Transparency Masters: 20




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