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38 - In Search of the Alzheimer's Wanderer

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Every year there are reports of an estimated 125,000 Alzheimer’s patients who attempt to leave the safety of their home, unwilling or unable to return. If not found within 24 hours statistics indicate that they have only a 56% chance of survival.

In Search of the Alzheimer’s Wanderer is a powerful, comprehensive workbook and resource for facilities, caregivers and families of people with Alzheimer’s disease (or a related dementia) who may be prone to wandering away from home and a training guide for law enforcement. It asks insightful, personal and Alzheimer’s-specific questions that act as a tool to:

  • identify important, potentially life-saving information;
  • maximize the likelihood of finding a missing person with Alzheimer’s;
  • provide valuable information to help calm and communicate with your loved one once they are found; and
  • help law enforcement personnel better understand your loved one and the unique demands that their condition imposes.

    The answers to questions and suggestions in this book could very likely help save a loved one’s life, if one day he or she were discovered missing.

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