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40 - The Best Friends Staff: Building a Culture of Care in Alzheimer's Programs

The Best FriendsTM approach to Alzheimer's care has taken the field by storm and is changing the lives of people around the world. It improves the quality of life not only for clients with Alzheimer?s disease but also for the staff providing care.

Virginia Bell and David Troxel are recognized internationally for their innovative work helping people with Alzheimer's disease. Now, they've applied their years of experience to a training approach geared to help your staff achieve better outcomes and more rewarding experiences'and help you retain an effective, satisfied staff.

Read stories and ideas from real staff in facilities worldwide who are already implementing the Best Friends approach with their residents. Get the inspiration and working tools to transform your care culture:
1. Hundreds of case studies illustrating successful programs
2. Creative ideas you can use to implement change
3. A training toolkit in each chapter that features learning exercises, activities, games, and resources
4. Proven advice on staff training and retention

Help your staff make every day consistently reassuring, enjoyable, and secure for people with Alzheimer?s disease, and more rewarding for themselves.




  For more information email, seasons@seasons- or call 972-422-1513.

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