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42 - Bon Appetit!: The Joy of Dining in Long-Term Care

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Bon Appetit! offers a comprehensive program that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities presented by adult day services and long-term care settings. The program is an intelligible, beginning-to-end implementation guide that covers food selection and presentation, individual resident programming, staff training and support, environmental modifications, and organizational change and program maintenance.

Focusing on principles of resident autonomy and person-centered care, this program provides opportunities for social interaction, activity programming, functional improvements, and sensory pleasures. Special attention is devoted to identifying the needs of people with dementia. Critical assessment tools and a complete training itinerary are among the invaluable aids you?ll find. Best of all, 72 ready-to-use recipes provide tasty, nutritious, and manageable alternatives to traditional institutional foods.

Learn to do more than just keep your residents? bodies alive?keep them living with respectful, meaningful mealtimes made possible with Bon Appetit!




  For more information email, seasons@seasons- or call 972-422-1513.

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