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45 - The Best Friends Book of Alzheimer's Activities

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Bring out the best in each person with dementia each day with 147 versatile, easy-to-implement Best Friends activities.

Using the Best Friends approach to activities, anyone on staff can turn any interaction with a person with dementia into an activity that satisfies essential physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Each activity contains suggestions for personalizing the activity and matching it to the remaining strengths of the individual to ensure success and reduce challenging behaviors.

The Best Friends Book of Alzheimer's Activities is chock full of inspiring and innovative ideas on how to:
1. Convert everyday activities into those with "knack"
2. Create new activities out of tried-and-true activities
3. Provide activities between structured programs/events
4. Increase self-esteem
5. Adapt activities for people with late dementia
6. Tap into latent artistic abilities
7. Provide opportunities for connecting or contributing to others
8. Create intergenerational experiences
9. Use the person's life story in any activity
10. Make activities out of personal care
11. Conduct activities specifically for men
12. Fill evening hours to alleviate sundowning
13. Provide "take -away" activities for family caregivers to use at home
14. Incorporate exercise into activities
15. Use the Internet to expand and enrich activities

Many activities can be conducted spontaneously, with simple props, engaging older people in meaningful activity for extended periods. Best Friends activities are adult-oriented and flexible enough for staff and residents to add their own ideas. Special features include a list of the latest and most effective resources for activity professionals and helpful tips on communicating with people with dementia.

Energize your nursing facility, adult day center, or assisted living facility or revitalize your activity programming by ordering today!




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