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50 - Balancing Act: Your Fall Prevention Program VIDEO

Each year, approximately half of all residents in nursing care and assisted living facilities will fall, with over 40% falling more than once.
This video will help you and your staff maintain an effective fall prevention program in your facility. The video and its extensive presenter's guide will teach staff:
1. The factors and conditions that increase the risk of a resident fall
2. The importance of assessing each resident for risk of falling
3. Interventions relating to environmental, medical and behavioral causes of falls
4. The role of a creative and problem-solving approach in matching appropriate interventions to a specific resident's situation
5. The importance of good communications within the care team, so that everyone has a clear picture of the interventions in use and everyone gives their support
6. The importance on investigating and adjusting interventions promptly whenever a fall happens
7. What to do during and immediately after a resident fall

A comprehensive 16 page presenter's guide comes with the video.




  For more information email, seasons@seasons- or call 972-422-1513.

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