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53 - Supervisory Techniques For Charge Nurses In Long Term Care Facilities VIDEO

This program takes a 'work smarter' approach to leadership as it empowers anyone in a supervisory role to communicate effectively with others, lead by example and set the tone for improved staff performance and accountability across the board. The video gives practical solutions to resolving conflict, gaining and giving respect, organizing time and creating well-organized strategies that benefit the residents as well as the entire staff. The hands on techniques shared in this video will help supervisors take a realistic look at themselves as role models and enable them to identify areas where they excel or may need an alternate approach.

Your staff leaders will learn how to apply effective leadership skills including:
? Organization
? Attitude
? Trust and respect for your staff
? Communication
? Resolve conflicts in a timely manner

Supervisory Techniques will be an asset to any facility looking to enhance quality of care and staff interaction. New and veteran supervisors will both benefit from this video. Includes reproducible Program Guide.




  For more information email, seasons@seasons- or call 972-422-1513.

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