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56 - Residents' Rights Today: Respectful Care in Changing Times VIDEO

This video presents a contemporary overview of residents' rights in the long term care context. It covers:
-How residents' rights can be affected by other characteristics of today's long term care environment, including:
...Increased cultural, ethnic, language and age diversity
...More time and work-flow pressure on staff
...The impact of outside stresses on staff, especially for single parents and employees working two jobs
- What residents' rights are and why they are so important in the life and culture of a long term care facility
- The specific rights everyone in a nursing home must understand and uphold
- What staff, residents and family members should know about dealing with concerns and complaints early and effectively

A 16 page Presenter's Guide includes:
- In-service lesson plan
- Handouts for staff
- Audience particiption activity sheet
- Staff self-assessment worksheet
- Handout for residents and family members




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