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72 - Promoting Family Involvement in Long-Term Care Settings: A Guide to Programs that Work

Put an end to tension-filled interactions between long-term care staff and residents' families with Promoting Family Involvement in Long-Term Care Settings. This innovative new book offers strategies and programs designed to get families involved in formal care settings in constructive, cooperative ways that complement staff and support residents.

Nine intervention strategies are described in detail from inception to evaluation.

Each chapter functions as a guide to implementation and includes relevant forms, guidelines, and protocols. Challenges of program implementation are discussed and practical recommendations for overcoming obstacles are provided.

Widely versatile, these nine programs can be successfully implemented in adult day services, assisted living facilities, and long-term residential care settings. Useful for direct care staff, supervisors, and administrators, Promoting Family Involvement in Long-Term Care Settings is an invaluable resource for strengthening current relationships between staff, residents, and family members. The book is also equally beneficial in facilitating residents' transitions to long-term care.




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