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76 - Vital Connections in Long-Term Care: Spiritual Resources for Staff and Residents

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You and your facility become part of each resident's spiritual journey upon admission. How do you both handle this role? Let Vital Connections in Long-Term Care guide your practice and be your definitive resource. Learn why spirituality typically grows in significance as people age, gain insight into residents' spiritual natures, and discover meaningful ways staff can support and address older adults' spiritual needs in care planning and daily interactions.

Vital Connections provides an abundance of lessons, exercises, discussion questions, multicultural and interdenominational case examples, journaling opportunities, and implementation suggestions that can be used to sensitize staff and others to residents' spirituality and the ways its expression may be supported or hindered.

No other book on the market today offers DONs and nursing staff, administrators, case managers, social workers, activity directors, occupational and physical therapists, in-service trainers, and instructors in aging and spirituality courses direct instruction in adding a spiritual dimension to their care programming. Even chaplains and parish nurses will find this "midwife for the spiritual process" a boon in their everyday ministry to older adults.




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